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Working on STS Ep.6

2010-06-12 15:07:33 by STTWebs

Yes... I do... what else to say?


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2010-06-13 19:09:37

You are? Can you show us how far you've gotten?


2010-06-14 22:31:52

FINALY I have waited around 5 years for this! I love Sonic The Swordsman I would always wait for the next ep just hearing you say that you would make the next one is the best news in my life! I know you wont disapoint in your flash it never has!


2010-06-21 05:31:32

whoa I thought you quit since life is more important than flash ,well glad to hear your working on it just one thing is some of the sprites you are using for this episode is from the sonic advance style?


2010-06-30 23:20:31

been waitin five years to hear you say that :3


2010-07-05 11:15:55

About...Damn...time....YESSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-07-09 23:32:02

I always knew that someday you'd get back to making these things. I admit I was a little upset that it took you this long to start making it, but i'm sure you had your reasons.

Whatever your reasons for waiting are, i'm sure they're understandable. I know I can be pretty delayed when it comes to making my music videos.


2010-07-11 14:35:01

When is out Episode 6?


2010-07-19 14:28:58

Yeah man youre awesome, PM me to give me your hotmail address, heh i want to be a friend, also I offer assistance for the STS series. This is quite unusual and original, not like that Shitworm stuff, U know what i mean, Alvin.
Also, PM me and visit my profile, and leave a comment on what u think, I suggest u PM me for the address.
Just trying to help if thats okay :)


2010-07-31 17:56:22

Great news... warte bist du nicht deutscher?
Ich freue mich ^____^


2010-08-02 18:05:47

................well i love you


2010-08-05 03:36:24

Ur.... Lying... Never would I have imagined...

I'm so happy I can't even EXPLAIN!!! Ur series was the 1st I've ever been intereted in on Newgrounds WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in like 04 05


2010-09-26 20:52:06



2010-10-17 04:36:27

Just glad to know you aren't dead.

Last time I tried visiting your site (and who knows the last time I did that) and I couldn't find anything that sounded recent. All of the Sonic flash artists have either bailed or have not been heard from in like 4-5 years. :(


2010-10-30 22:45:39

Honestly? ABOUT TIME! =DD Can't wait, i thought you had died!


2010-12-02 18:45:34

Can honestly say, I thought you quit. Glad to see the series will continue, and I know what it's like to take a long time. I released my latest episode after 2 years. Life's a bitch, lol. Look forward to your work dude.


2010-12-04 09:48:03

oh..so you are continuing in this..I thought you had quited this but it good that you cont this.. and btw what is the music when sonic turns into hyper in ep 5?


2010-12-10 12:16:25

When is out Episode 6?


2010-12-25 22:29:49

its soooooooooo pleasing to see the first flash series i noticed and loved on this site is actually going to be continued.


2011-01-17 18:40:09

Sweet, he's still alive. More people should know of this development.


2011-04-30 14:23:48

When is out Episode 6?


2011-06-27 12:02:19

so... any progress?


2011-07-15 10:58:15

well its been over a year wheres ep6?


2011-08-13 17:04:28

This man is evil, guys.

Anyway i want to see the next episode of Sonic the Swordsman.


2011-10-17 15:47:18

Hey Stt, just wanted to see if you were still alive and well on NG. I suppose I'm late by a year in saying this, but hope things are going well for you in general. I can understand getting back into flash projects after such a long time is not easy. Anyway, would be cool to talk to you again bud, don't be a stranger now.

~ LP


2011-10-24 22:11:49

DUDE! i thought you died! Can't wait! lol


2012-02-22 03:02:20

I really need you too answer this question for me what exact songs by oomph or what other bands songs did you use in Sonic T. Swordsman episode 2?


2012-12-14 20:23:03

Cmon I need Sonic t. Swordsman Ep 6 out NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ya still alive.


2012-12-14 20:23:58

Your still alive!
make it now!!


2012-12-16 16:47:13

It's almost 2013 and isn't out STS Ep.6. :((


2013-03-27 16:11:28

HEY! Wake up! I've been waiting for 3 years man, 3 YEARS! BTW is it really long?


2013-08-13 16:42:50

Where is Ep.6?
please respond.


2013-09-08 20:48:56

I don't know if you will ever see this message, but thank you. Sonic the swordsman was one of my very favorite series to watch ever. Sometimes thinking of it brings me into tears, that's how good i thought it was. Once again, thank you.


2014-06-08 16:42:59

Well I am sorry to say it, but u created STS in 2004. Is 2014 now /:s ... where is it ?


2016-01-05 18:40:30

You are a BIG IDIOT.